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About Us

Myself Krishan Lal Galhotra
I established my Tin Stencil & Rubber Stamp Business in 1975. I was good in drawing due to this I got Instant Success in Tin Stencil Business, Then I Started Business of Glow Sign. Board, there was no use of computer at that point of time so Competition was very less. I Started Glow Sign. & Computerized Name Plate Business in 1996. My Coustomers were very pleased with my work & I got good response from the Coustomers. Today we have the facilities of Pre Ink Stamp, Brass & Steel Name Plate, Plastic Name Plate Mementos along with Computerized cutting (Metter with Logo in Four Colors) With all Modern Systems. My Son Amit Galhotra Joined in the Year 2001, when I got ill. He has a good experience in software & hardware, now our Firm is Galhotra Brass & Plastic House.

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